When you invest in a product, the warranty is an important part of your decision process. The Three-Year Limited Warranty for Awning Pro-Tech’s products are as follows:


This Warranty extends to the Original Purchaser of any Awning Pro-Tech product(s). The Warranty starts on the date of purchase of the Product(s) (“Start Date”) and remains effective for a period of three (3) years after purchase date, (“Start Date”).

 During the Three-Year Limited Warranty, Awning Pro-Tech shall, at its discretion according to its return policies, warranty its Awning Covers against manufacturing defects, breakage, or discoloration, and will replace the products to the Purchaser providing that the Purchaser is the original product Purchaser and providing that the original Purchaser returns the defective product to Awning Pro-Tech at the Purchasers expense. Once the returned product is received and it is deemed replaceable by Awning Pro-Tech’s warranty policy, the replacement product will be shipped to the Purchaser at no cost to the Purchaser within 48 hours.

 During the Three-Year Limited Warranty, Awning Pro-Tech will replace any of its products that are NOT an awning cover and that have been deemed defective by Awning Pro-Tech in materials or workmanship at no charge to the Original Purchaser (including shipping). Awning Pro-Tech will replace at no charge (parts and shipping) stainless steel clips that lose functionality in highly corrosive environments while this warranty is effective.


This Warranty does not cover damage or defects relating to misuse, abuse, the use of unapproved cleaners, solvents, and/or paints. Alterations including but not limited to customer-applied finishes, normal wear and tear, natural weathering of exterior finishes, acts of nature (e.g. fire, hurricane, etc.), improper installation or handling, or failure to properly care for and maintain the Awning Pro-Tech Covers, (see care and maintenance) is not a defect and is not covered by this Warranty. This Warranty does not apply to any Awning Pro-Tech Products that are installed on something other than an RV or Home awning as intended for Awning Pro-Tech Covers.

Awning Pro-Tech will NOT replace Awning Cover pieces that have been lost during transport.

Our covers only come in white because it gives the most UV resistance. If you wish, you can paint them yourself using “Krylon”, spray paint for plastics. It is available at most home stores.

NOTE if you choose to do this, you waive all warranties on our products.

 DO NOT use our covers in conjunction with a full, RV, pull-over, fabric cover. (see “Q&A”) If you choose to use our awning protectors underneath a full, RV, pull-over fabric cover, know that the extreme heat load under these fabric covers causes our product to soften at 150+ degrees and eventually they will spread open under their own weight and drop off. This warning is posted with every product on the product page and is at the top of the instruction sheets. If you neglect these notices and you have failure due to a pull-over cover, we will not warranty your products.


 In the first sixty days following the purchase of our products, Awning Pro-Tech will allow products to be returned for any reason.  The customer will be responsible for product shipping costs to them and back to our Arizona warehouse.  Upon return of any purchase, we will fully refund the price paid for our products and any associated sales taxes. This offer is effective for any purchases made on or after April 1, 2013.  A copy of the purchase receipt showing the purchase was made is required to receive the refund.


This Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.