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4' Cover Kit (Single Piece)
8' Cover Kit
12' Cover Kit
16' Cover Kit
20' Cover Kit
24' Cover Kit
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32' Cover Kit

Our Main RV Patio Awning Kits consist of 4′ 2″ long pieces. Each Kit is packaged in increments of 4′. Example: If your awning is 16′ then you select an A-16 Kit. If your awning length is in between, then select the next longest Kit, your pieces will overlap each other. If you are still not clear on which Kit to purchase, then watch our videos at the top of the “Home” page or click here


  • Will accommodate all late model RV awnings including electric, as long as the diameter of the rolled up awning, including fabric is between 3.65” and 4.25”
  • Each Awning Pro-Tech Patio Cover piece is 4′ foot 2″ inches long (EXAMPLE:  a 16’ patio awning kit contains 4 pieces, and allows for a 2” overlap on each piece, if your less than 16′ then more overlap)
  • Greatly extends the life of your awning fabric
  • Stain resistant/easy to clean
  • Made with a 100% UV resistant Polymer so it will never get brittle or discolor
  • Weather resistant/Wind resistant
  • Flexible enough for easy installation in minutes, just snaps on, but durable enough to last indefinitely
  • Lifetime Warranty / 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Transport Clips are now INCLUDED with all of our Awning Kits!
  • Awning can be extended with product in place for ease of removal (after removing clips). NOTE: Awning can not be retracted with the cover in place, you must secure the awning in the stowed position and then install the awning cover pieces.
  •  Note: You can NOT use a full pull-over RV cover in conjunction with our covers. Please click this “link” and read “Pull-over RV cover”

Product Specs: Diameter 3.85” inches. (9.8 cm) length 4’ foot 2” inches (1.2 m) Net weight: 1 lbs. 11 ounces (.77 kg)

Please measure your awning before ordering. You want to measure from end cap to end cap.  Then select the appropriate size from the product menu.  (NOTE: You will want to use a set of “Transport Clips” if you plan on transporting your RV with the covers installed over your awning. Do NOT attempt to open/extend your awning with the Transport Clips installed)

Weight 4 lbs
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4' Cover Kit (Single Piece), 8' Cover Kit, 12' Cover Kit, 16' Cover Kit, 20' Cover Kit, 24' Cover Kit, 28' Cover Kit, 32' Cover Kit


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