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In the cases where your RV has a fabric connection higher than the roll, or those who have fabric going horizontally from the roll to the connection, either on the Patio/Slide-out and/or Window Awnings. The following information is for you:

You may have already purchased a Cover Kit from us and you found that your fabric requires a special piece to cover your “sloped” or horizontal fabric from the roll to the connection on your RV, or Possibly, you have been waiting for us to develop the part to cover this sloped and/or horizontal fabric issue before ordering.

We tried for almost two years to develop a simple, effective, fix for this issue and now we finally have it available! We call it a “Flap”. Essentially, it is a clip with a 5” inch long flap of our Awning Cover material all one piece. The “Flap” will have score lines running the entire length of the piece. The “Flap” pieces are the same lengths as your awning Cover Kit pieces. The Flap clips on to the cover pieces once cut to height and protect the extra exposed fabric that our regular awning cover pieces don’t.

Flaps are covered by a Five-Year warrany.

The Flaps come in two lengths: 3′ 2″ and 4′ 2″, these are the same lengths that our Slide-out and Window Awning Cover pieces come in. If you are ordering the Flaps, then you want to order the same length and amount of the Flap pieces as you will have cover pieces. For installation instructions, go to the “Resources” tab on the Home page or click here.

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