To see detailed installation instructions for our Awning Covers, please read below or watch our demonstration video here. 

People ask; “Do I need a ladder every time I want to put on and take off the awning covers?” This is a very good question and here is what I do: When my RV is in storage, I have the covers on with the Transport Clips. I then travel to my destination. If I want to use my awning, I pop the Transport Clips off with a broom handle, extend my awning out with the product in place, and remove them when the awning is fully extended. I then slide the pieces inside each other and stow them away. When I am finished using my RV and I have it back in storage, then I use a ladder to put the pieces and clips back on, and I am good to go for next time. That way I don’t have to carry a ladder with me. – Kevin


  • Use care; fingers can get pinched between parts during separation and installation.

  • Do not transport RV with Awning Pro-Tech covers installed, unless using “Transport Clips.” 

  •  Do not install Awning Pro-Tech covers on wet awning fabric. Never leave a wet awning rolled up, with or without our product, because it may cause molding. (Please see “Care and Maintenance” under “Resources” tab for awning fabric cleaning.) 

  • If using “Transport Clips,” remember to remove them before extending your patio, slide-out, or window awning.

  •  If you plan on extending your awning with the product in place, be aware that the pieces could fall off during the extension process, so do NOT stand directly underneath them
  •  Do not use Awning Pro-Tech Covers in conjunction with a full pull-over, vinyl, polyester, or canvas cover. The temperature underneath these awning covers can reach 150+ degrees even when the outside temperature is moderate. This extreme temperature of 150+ degrees is the same temperature range that can cause our cover pieces to begin to soften and potentially fall off.
Awning Pro-Tech Installation Instructions

 Awning Pro-Tech covers for Patio, Slide-out, or Window Awnings need no tools to install. To separate the pieces, simply slide each piece off of each other, or by grasping the end and pulling each piece apart, as shown below.

Once each piece is separated, take one of the pieces and start at the back end of the awning (rear of RV). Simply spread the piece apart with your fingers, fit the end over the awning fabric as shown below, then press the remainder of the piece on, making sure to roll the piece all the way toward the connection between the awning fabric and the RV.

Repeat the process by snapping on the remaining pieces over the awning until the entire length of awning is covered from end cap to end cap, or the length of fabric.

While installing, make sure to overlap each piece by approximately 3” until the entire length of awning is covered. You may have to overlap each piece more than 3” depending on the length of your patio, slide-out, or window awning. Two pieces with a 3” overlap will fit an 8’ awning, three pieces with a 3” overlap will fit a 12’ awning and so on.

You can extend your awning or slide-out with the product in place (WITHOUT THE TRAVEL CLIPS) for ease of removal.

Install the Awning Pro-Tech “Flap” pieces as follows:

Install our cover pieces onto your awning, twisting the cover pieces toward the RV until the awning fabric won’t allow it to twist anymore. (See fig. 1)

Once the cover pieces are on, measure from the edge of the cover pieces to the fabric connection on the RV. This will be the same whether your awning fabric is sloped or horizontal. (See fig. 2)

Once you have this dimension, grab the “Flap” pieces that are the same length as the awning cover pieces. Place the end of your tape measure on the head of the clip part of the “Flap.” Measure up from the clip head to the corresponding score line that matches your measurement. (See fig. 3 and 3A)

3) Once you have determined the score line, take and lay the “Flap” piece flat and gently score the line with a razor knife the entire length. Once scored, grab the “Flap” piece on both sides of the scored line and simply snap off the excess part of the “Flap.”

 NOTE: Be very careful with the knife and double check yourself before you cut. You only have one shot!

4) Now that you have your “Flap” piece the correct height, remove your cover pieces from the awning. Snap the clip of the “Flap” onto the cover piece starting at one end and working your way down. Once it is fully clipped on, you can install the combined cover and Flap piece onto your awning fabric. (See figs. 4 and 5)

5) Moving on to the next cover piece, if applicable, follow the same procedure as in step 4, except you must have the next “Flap” piece upside down from the first or previous one. In other words, the clip has a “head” that sticks out from the piece; if the head is facing the fabric roll on your first installed combined piece, then you want the head of the clip to face up or away from the awning fabric on the next piece, so that when you overlap the pieces, you don’t have a gap from the clip head resting on another clip head.

 (See fig. 6) Continue this process until your entire fabric is covered.NOTE: You will NOT be able to transport with the “Flaps” installed. They are for protection while being stored only.

NOTE: You will NOT be able to transport with the “Flaps” installed. They are for protection while being stored only.