Some years ago, our founder Kevin Drews, bought a new 32’ travel trailer. Kevin lives in Phoenix, stores the trailer at his house, and travels regularly around the southwest. After the second summer stored beside his house, the RV’s 20’ patio awning was deteriorating and nearly torn through with sun and weather exposure (see the picture on the home page). Kevin replaced his awning and then started looking for a way to protect it so he would not have to replace it again in another two years.

After extensive internet searching and many phone calls, Kevin couldn’t find a product or good homegrown solution that would last and be easy to use, so he set about to design and manufacture what would become the Awning Pro-Tech cover. He came up with a patented design that shapes a high-strength polymer into a sleeve which snaps over and protects rolled-up awning fabric. Kevin wanted a product that would be easy to install, last indefinitely, and be cost effective.

The Awning Pro-Tech cover was launched in 2010 and has been well received by the RV industry, and most importantly, Customers.  We are now on the third generation of our manufacturing process. The materials have been upgraded and the product now has been perfected and is able to provide years of protection for your RV awnings.



Awning Pro-Tech has  a manufacturing and distribution facility in Phoenix.  Late in 2011, Kevin completed the design of a protective cover for slide-out and window awnings, with all of the same, great, properties as the original patio awning cover.  These products are now available for purchase.

Our business philosophy is to do right by our customers and employees and we have a strong reputation for integrity and fairness. We think a successful business lives and dies by its reputation.  If you do choose to protect your investment by purchasing one of our products and becoming a valued customer of Awning Pro-Tech, please realize that we are serious about you and our products, and welcome your contact if there is ever anything we need to do to fulfill our obligations to you as a Customer.  Comments and/or suggestions about our products and services are always welcomed.

Owning an RV offers wonderful travel and lifestyle opportunities. Let us provide you with products to protect your investment and give indefinite protection to your awnings.

Tom Halfaker, CEO, Awning Pro-Tech LLC.