How to Protect Your RV Awning’s Fabric

RV awnings provide the essential shade to keep you cool on a hot summer day. They are perfect accessories when reading a book, relaxing, or enjoying the countryside with your family or colleagues. Thus, you have to keep these awning covers in perfect condition for them to serve you as you expect.

RV awnings do not require a lot of maintenance to function properly. Here are a few tips from Awning Pro-Tech to protect them and increase their lifespan.

How to Protect Your RV Awning from Damage

Don’t Store them When Wet

Storing a damp awning increases the risks for the growth of mold, which can ruin the fabric. Therefore, allow it to dry before storing it for long periods. Although vinyl fabrics can resist mildew, they are not entirely mildew-proof.

Mildew easily forms on the dirt collecting on the fabric’s awning. Storing a damp awning thus accelerates mold growth, especially in areas with high temperatures and humidity.

Regularly Clean Using Soft Detergent

Over washing or using harsh soap can quickly wear down the fabric and the mold and UV rays resistant coating on the vinyl. You should only use professional detergents to protect your awning when washing. It ensures that the material continues to protect you against harsh sun rays.

You should also wash the RV awning only when necessary, not after each use. Usually, light hose sprays are enough to eliminate dirt and any debris from the awning.

Use Wind Protectors

Awnings are at significant risk of wearing out when strong winds sometimes pick up. The beads holding the fabric to the RV are also at risk of a tear due to constant flapping. If the beads come out, you must replace the whole awning.

To avoid this, install a wind protector which stabilizes the awnings, enabling them to withstand strong winds. Wind protectors also restrain the awning’s noisy whipping.

Roll Them Up When Travelling

Ensure RV awnings are well fastened when traveling. Then, when you are away, at night or during heavy rains, be sure to roll it up. Securing it during transit prevents it from opening and ripping off.

Lubricate the Awning

If you seek lengthy service from your awning and want to keep it in good condition, it’s a great idea to lubricate the awning’s arms. Lubricating it ensures that it retracts noiselessly without squeaking. It also maintains all moving parts of the unit.


To ensure you do not replace your RV awning from time to time, be sure to follow our safety tips. Protecting your RV awning begins with following the above-mentioned necessary steps. Call our Awning-Pro-Tech office today or visit our website for more safety tips for your RV awning.

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