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5 Facts About Awning Covers

Awning covers refer to a supplemental roof-like cover, usually made using waterproof fabrics. They provide shade for the porch during a sunny day and also guard against rain and storm effects.

Get the best awning covers from Awning Pro-Tech today to enjoy the functional and decorative benefits they offer. If you are new to awning covers, here are some cool facts for you.

Awnings Are Strong

Door and window awnings are installed for their shading functions and also protection. Most patio awnings can withstand strong hurricane squalls. If your house has a door awning, you can be sure of extra protection in the event of such catastrophes.

When it’s pouring heavily, and you are trying to navigate the door and get inside with groceries and other packages, a large awning shields you from the weather.

Different Fabrics

While most awnings come in solid colors, many explorable options are available in different fabrics and styles. They allow you a range that complements the precise architecture in your home. If you want an outstanding awning, choose bright colors and styles that contrast your interior.

If you seek subtlety like for a camper awning, you can choose colors complimenting the exterior and its accents. You can also include awning extras like keyhole valances, tassels, and decorative edgings to brighten up a drab exterior.

Multiple Application

You are not limited to a door with awnings because they are not all made alike, and each application differs. For example, you can use them to shade a sunspot on the deck or on windows and doors that produce excess heat in the mornings, causing the AC to operate all day.

Some styles and applications of awnings include retractable canopy awnings, patio and deck cover shade cloths, retractable sidearm awnings, window awnings, motorized retractable awnings, and more.

Quick Installation

Many people shy off from installing home awnings, fearing that it’s a tedious job. For example, when you are doing it yourself, it can take up to two days. However, with the Awning Pro-Tech specialists, this process is complete just in a single day.

Different Styles for Convenience

Like any other product, there are the basic awnings, and then there are those models with resourceful extras. For example, your shelter can be reinforced to resist winds, storms, snow, and hurricanes.

Other retractable styles are manually operated using cords or are motorized, radio and non-radio, and even remote-control motor sensors.


These are only a few of the many facts about awnings, their installation, and maintenance. At Awning Pro-tech, we have the best ideas for eCommerce spaces, homesteads, and RV awnings. If you want to learn how to protect your awning, or services regarding RV awning replacement, be sure to make a call to us today. We are always within your reach.

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